The Imperial Federation was formed in the summer of 2288. The Sole Survivor Ryder carefully Maneuvered his way through commonwealth politics. For Starts he carefully established the Minutemen as a strong and stable force. Then he helped the railroad build up it's underground network. Then he manged to negotiate a truce between the Minutemen and Gunners. By then the Brotherhood of Steel had arrived in the commonwealth and Ryder joined them for their military power. Helping them out with establishing a foothold in the Commonwealth. Once that was done he finally made contact with The Institute and out of loyalty to his son decided to side with them. Meanwhile he heard a radio signal from Nuka-World and investigated and became the Overboss of the Nuka World Raiders and cleared out the parks for them. While he was gone tensions began rising with the major factions the Brotherhood discoverd that Danse was in fact a synth. Ryder went after him and was going to exile him but then Danse told them how they could challenge Maxson and take control of the Brotherhood. Ryder did so and as General of the Minutemen, soon to be director of the Institute and Elder of the brotherhood he called a sit down of every major faction at Spectacle Island. Those who attended were the Institute, Minutemen, Brotherhood, Railroad, Gunners, Atom Cats, Operators, Disciples, and the Pack.